And now for something a little different. I’m preparing thoughts on the current state of speech-to-text, and what it means for human beings now, and in the future. I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane and show you what speech-to-text looked like back in the bad-old-days of mid-2016. Compared to the prototype player transcript (which I’ll also post about soon),  I think you’ll find it…lacking.

Audio and transcript follow. /k

Okay Hey folks this is Kim Hanson for signal FM broadcasting from right here in beautiful downtown Vancouver British Columbia which is in Canada. Let us lead with a moment of silence for are not yet included theme music. To. And we’re back that is of course my favorite segment of any show that we do. I’m so some of you may have noticed that on this supposedly daily podcast we have not had an episode in the last couple of days. There is a reason for that actually there are 2 reasons for that. The short version other reason is that we were super slam this week we actually did record a bunch of episodes one with it lovely Amy ray and sent its capital. And with Frankie and as the van mijn X. at YouTube channel we got and tenure leads as kind of village and Rachel Craig as hace mark company. But we also had a tight big release to push at this week because we’re getting ready for podcast movement next week. We also got a Tyan ever due diligence stuff back from hustler and we had decided that I’m. Thanks to the the excellent advice of Laurie basho of 1800 got junk in foodie and you know I do other companies. And also Darryl Hatton as fundraiser at those 2 lovely guys M.. And I spent a bunch of time just you know thinking about and working on by how are we gonna make money with signal a family we have a. Pretty good idea before now but we just spent a lot of time just really Dannon decreased at that. Anyways so I. I’ve been pretty busy if. So that’s the short answer. I’ve done the longer version of this answer is. By this whole daily podcast thing has been of course an experiment. How much work is it to really create a podcast and the results of that experiment are. That creating a podcast. Episode is a lot of work. Whereas creating a signal that if an episode isn’t. Surprise. Let me go and a little bit so with each of these episodes and what we do is we record in signal FM and died then we download that audio I we Polish it up usually in adobe addition or sometimes I use a phonic witches that have actually really great sweeping service. And that’s a U. P. H. O. N. I. a And. So clean the audio up then of course here and I through what’s in a. We got athletic the idea to the lovely folks over at feet press then we take that up let it link and away throw it into our work prince. There were press site. It’s a matter of creating a new post putting in the transcripts linking all the audio out fixing up the links coming up with. Saucy quote of some kind. And then not. Post that feed press automatically grabs that audio and. Throws it out to our podcast feed and then I actually duplicate the post content. To put it on the signal FM. Slash show page because our posts are. Just but formatting is just terrible and I haven’t had time. Exit. Anyways the whole thing takes about 2:00 hours it’s it’s. An incredible amount of work and as you might expect as a CEO of a company the size I don’t actually have 2 free hours 5 days a week. Sap. This is the end of this experiment. But where’s my signal FM podcast you ask I’m glad you did. So as I mentioned we actually have 4 episodes in the can and all be releasing those. Over the next. You know weaker so. And like I say we’re gonna picus movements and might be a little busy routes we also has some pretty big meetings in the next few days so. I will talk about those. And then I mean of course we’re going to keep on doing interviews we love doing it right. But they’re gonna lives right there on signal FM in our in our beta site for now. Now some of you listening may may have bad sign up for early access list and thank you so much I’ve been emailing if you if you and inviting you of course on to do these interviews that’s where they’re coming from.

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