hit the link for our proof-of-concept podcast player, featuring real-time transcripts and clip-sharing. We think you’ll like it.

We’ve been working hard on it—you can use it to share podcasts! Well, one specific podcast episode right now 🙂

I wanted to give a little company history here. Ever since our exciting pivot in the summer, we’ve been focusing a lot of our attention on transcripts. How do we make them, correct them, and engage with them in a meaningful way? You may remember our previous experiment. The goal was to encourage crowd-sourced editing. We learned quite a bit about how people expect to correct transcripts, and you can look forward to seeing a lot more experiments in the future.

Moving onto our next experiment! Introducing our little transcript player. And that’s it! Peace out, internet. Kidding. We’re not done just yet. Let us know what you think—get in touch via twitter @signlfm, to me directly @realkimhansen, or email hello@signl.fm. What podcasts do you want to see in this format? What features should we implement next? How does this affect where podcasting is going? Talk soon.


P.S. Mikeal Rogers recently released the excellent rollcall.audio, a super tight version of our original vision for SignlFM was before the pivot. Interesting tech, we’ll be playing in this area again as we go forward.

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